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What kind of church are we?


St Martin’s is a Church of England church at the heart of Cambridge, just across from the main railway station. We are an evangelical, and family church, rooted in the Bible, and with a focus on our local community. We believe in God’s love for all and therefore desire to be Church for All where everyone is welcome.


St Martin’s Church was built in 1960 as an extension to a small meeting hall erected in the 1930s. It is a modern church with great facilities, including a large uplifting worship space, a large hall, two fully equipped kitchens – in combination with a dining room and a lounge, and a spacious quiet garden. But it is so much more than a building.


St Martin’s Church is a lively fellowship of well over a hundred people from many walks of life and origins who have committed themselves to serving God and the community around us. We aim to be a Church for All, where all are welcome and encouraged to contribute. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, education and income, those with doctorates and those with learning disabilities, students, the working and the unemployed, the old and the young, those with children and those who live on their own. Those who are born here and those who joined us from another country. Those who are here to stay and those who stay here only for a short while.  We recognise that we are all on a pilgrimage of faith together and we can all learn from and support each other along the way. We believe that we are called to love and serve each other and our community and to equip those who join us for a time for their onward journey to the far reaches of our world.


As a church we get together every week on a Sunday in the morning and the evening, to worship in song, prayer and by listening to God’s Word from the Bible. On occasions we meet during the week. We use a mixture of modern and more traditional songs, led by a small group of musicians and singers. Some of our services are more informal, particularly in the evening. On the first Sunday of the month we share breakfast together instead of our regular service.

We welcome children and young people in their teens in all services as an integral part of our church family; teaching groups are provided for them during the morning worship.

Once a month when we meet round the Lord’s table to break bread together our children and young people re-join the church service for Holy Communion. Once a month we also offer Holy Communion in the evening.

In addition to our church services we meet in small groups, which offer a space for individuals to share, to study the Bible, to pray and grow together in faith during the week.


St Martin’s is an evangelical Anglican church, and part of the Church of England, celebrating its rich heritage from that stream. We trust in the Bible as the authentic word of God in which God reveals his love for us, especially in the message of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that we can know God through Jesus and encourage our members to develop a personal relationship with him. We believe that if follow Him we can enjoy a purposeful new life, being set free from past failures to grow in our love to God and to one another.

As a parish church we at St Martin’s are especially committed to be there for everyone who lives within our parish boundaries, whoever and whatever they may be.


St Martin’s is part of God’s worldwide Church and so welcomes all fellow Christians from any other denomination or stream as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Locally we share in the Romsey Town Churches holding fraternal meetings and working together on projects. Globally we have always supported and sent people to share in the wider work of the Kingdom of God. At present members are working in East Asia, Indonesia, and the UK.


We have all sorts of groups which we hope will enable some people to become disciples of Jesus Christ because there is no greater privilege on earth and a great assurance of heaven.

  Do come and join us.     Johannes Roth, Vicar.