128 Suez Road

Thirty three years ago St Martin’s church started up a care home at 128 Suez Road for precious folk with learning disabilities. It is still providing a lovely, caring home for folk and still supported and encouraged and prayed for by all those attending St Martin’s church.

We have five places available at the present time. 128 is currently registered, but we are in the process of de-registering it which will reduce the costs of living there. It is homely, a little old-fashioned, and we would welcome folk of any age to come and live there.

We have a substantial group of Friends and Supporters of 128 headed up by John Woodhouse, who has been Mayor of Cambridge twice, and they support 128 with a Christmas Show each year, summer garden parties and contact throughout the year, and visits to the house, and a weekly gathering at Cherry Hinton to enjoy time with the residents.

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