Who’s Who?

ClergyVicar: Johannes Roth
Curate: Christine (Chrissy) Cole, due to be ordained at the end of September 2020
Church WardensDavid Leiwe, one vacancy
Sexton (St Thomas’s)John Impey
St Martin’s CentreAndrew Drury (manager), with Sue Nation and Ray Allen
Church AdministratorKornelia Hathaway
TreasurerSimon Cooper
Licensed Lay MinistersBrian Anker, Margy Lewis, Colin Thorpe, Shirley Chapman (emeritus)
PCC membersDavid Leiwe, Chrissy Cole, Smart Mathole, Jenny Hale, Mary Hall, Margaret Beasley, Lino Maruzzi, Liz Wells, Jenny Burch, Simon Cooper, Richard Henchie, Wilrun (Wil) Leiwe
Bookstall & Bible NotesBookstall – vacant; Bible Notes – Pat Rudd
Music ContactMike Beasley
WebmasterMike Beasley

St Martin's Cambridge