zz TAD Talks

St Thomas’ After Dark (TAD) talks

Winter programme 2018

A series of café-style presentations about the ‘slow revolution’ brought about by the Christian faith.

St Thomas’ Hall, Ancaster Way Cambridge, CB1 3TT (just off Perne Rd), 6:30-7:45

28th January

Dr Ruth Bancewicz ‘God in the Lab: why science is a great job for a Christian’

Ruth Bancewicz, a former research biologist, is Senior Research Associate at The Faraday Institute for Science & Religion, St Edmund’s College Cambridge. She is author of God in the Lab: How science enhances faith and Test of faith: Spiritual journeys with scientists, and writes the popular blog scienceandbelief.org

25th February

Panel discussion: Christian responses to social injustice: Campaigning for human rights … Joining the judiciary … Standing for elected office.

25th March

Ben Harding ‘Resurrection: the day the Universe changed’

Ben Harding works among students as a conference speaker and trainer. He is has spoken in many campus settings on the evidence for, and the disruptive effect of, the resurrection of Christ.

24th April

Christopher Townsend ‘The transgender revolution’

Christopher Townsend is partner in a large law firm, and is author of the recent Cambridge Paper Gender: Where next: Personal Jouneys, radical agendas and perplexing dilemmas

St Martin's Cambridge