zz Volunteering at the Centre

St. Martin’s Centre gives older people, who might be terribly lonely at home, a chance to meet up with others. Lives are enriched and horizons expanded by enjoying different activities and experiences. We encourage local people to come to the Centre as helpers. Volunteers from overseas give yet another dimension to the relationships here. All these extra workers really add to the life of the place.

Making tee-bags Aug 2012 028The development of good, friendly, trusting relationships is very important. Our members enjoy the company of anyone who takes a real interest in them. We regard activities at the Centre as a means through which we can begin to engage with people and develop trust. The art of valuing members through one to one conversation is just as important.

These are just some of the things you can be involved with or help to set up:

  • Newsletter Production
  • Leading a Cooking/Baking activity
  • Art/Craft work
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Musical activity/Leading a sing-song
  • General volunteer work / befriending
  • Leading a Christian Faith discovery group
  • Table top games
  • One off help on outings
  • Helping in the kitchen at lunch times

This is by no means all that can be done – the scope for volunteering is endless. We like to work with any appropriate talent/skill that people have to offer. Please come and talk to us if you are at all interested. For more information see the contacts page or phone Andrew Drury on 01223 508080.

Current Volunteer opportunities/vacancies

Click here to download a Volunteer Application form, which also lists several types of volunteering opportunities, ranging from DIY and maintenance, to administration and helping with games or activities.

What our volunteers say about us

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with a large number of volunteers. They have frequently commented how much they have enjoyed working here, and feel that they have gained as much or more than they have given! We are very appreciative of their help.

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