Bread group

Who are we?

grpktc3We are an group of enthusiastic self-taught bakers, who enjoy getting together to learn and practise, and spend an enjoyable couple of hours together.

 What do we do?

We make a different kind of bread each week; the group decides at the beginning of each term what they would like to make and then we work out the programme. When we are waiting for the dough to rise we have a cup of tea and reflect on an issue in connection with the loaf we’ve been making. For example, when we made tiger bread we read William Blake’s poem The Tiger and let that inspire our conversation and wondered, like Blake “Did he who made the lamb make thee?”.

Winter 2016

No meeting March 8th

March 15th – Jewish Challah Bread

March 22nd – Hot Cross Buns

The group will close after this because of Paula’s departure to take up her new role. It has been running since January 2013 and has been enjoyed by many.

This is the bread wheat-sheaf which we made on 22nd September and which was displayed at the Harvest Festival Service on Sunday 27th September.


Do contact us if you’d like to know more.

A sample of our mouth-watering produce!


St Martin's Cambridge