Men’s Breakfast group

The Men’s Breakfast group normally meets from 7:30am to 9:00am on the second Saturday of the month, at St Thomas’s Hall. Visitors are always welcome. Contact our organiser, David Baker, for details.

In addition to our Saturday breakfast programme (see below on this page for dates, topics and speakers), we also run the following:

Men’s walking weekend in the Lakes

An annual weekend away (from Friday to Monday, normally  in June). There is a video of our 2019 weekend in the Lake District here.

Occasional day trips to a place of interest (such as the War Cabinet rooms, Bletchley Park or even the Ypres battlefields).

And evening specials (such as curry nights and film nights).

Here is the programme for 2020 (Breakfast theme ‘Faithful …’). This year we are intending to publish notes of each talk here.

11 Jan Classic breakfast Faithful to God Stephen Leeke
8 Feb Classic Breakfast Faithful to family and friends Johannes Roth
18 Feb (Thu, 7pm) Dinner @ Jade Fountain    
14 Mar Scottish breakfast Faithful to the earth Pete Sacré
26 Mar (Thu, 7:30 pm) Film chez Colin The Case for Christ  
11 Apr Classic breakfast Faithful to our country Glenn Myers
9 May

Classic breakfast followed by heritage tour of Cambridge

Faithful in money matters Prabhu Guptara
5 – 8 Jun (Fri – Mon) Weekend in Northumberland    
13 Jun Continental breakfast Faithful to the past Maurice Cornell
11 Jul Classic breakfast Faithful in eating and drinking Matthew Gunton
8 Aug Classic breakfast Faithful in shopping Colin Thorpe
12 Sep American breakfast Faithful in singleness and marriage Malcolm Wylie
19 Sep Day trip to Open House London    
20 Sep (Sun, 10:30 am) Lead service @ St M    
24 Sep (Thu, 7 pm) Fish ‘n chips @ St T    
10 Oct Classic breakfast Faithful at rest Dave Baker
14 Nov Classic breakfast Faithful at work Mike Beasley
24 Nov (Thu, 7:30 pm) Film chez David Leiwe    
14 Dec Full English breakfast Faithful to the future Richard Higginson

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